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All prices are in New Zealand dollars.
Filters Item Qty
Standard Filter Cone Pack   $55.00
12 filter cones + 2 secondary Filters
6 month pack   $80.00
1 Medipure Filter , 6 Filter Cones +1 secondary filters
12 Month Pack   $160.00
2 Medipure filters, 12 filter cones, 2 x secondary filters
Pack of Two Enviropure Filters   $80.00
Spare Parts Item Qty
Electric Hose 360,75th    $255.00
Complete electric hose for 360 and 75th Anniversary models
Electric Hose 70th,Limited edition and Triple crown   $230.00
Complete electric hose for 70th,Limited edition and Triple Crown Models
Pigtail Male Female   $60.00
6" pigtail which connects to all electric Hoses(connecting the hose to the main unit)
Wand 360 and 75th   $205.00
Electric Wand to suit 360 and 75 Models
Wand & 70th,Limited Edition,Triple Crown   $140.00
Wand with electric cord to suit 70th,limited edition and Triple crown Models
Wand Cord   $60.00
Electric wand cord to suit 70th,Limited edition and triple crown models
Standard Power head belt   $15.00
Power Nozzle belt to suit all models except 360 and 75th Models
Cogged Power Head belt   $18.00
Cogged Power Nozzle belt to suit 360 and 75th Models
Power Head Brushroll Complete   $65.00
Complete roller brush for power nozzle(please state which model you have)
240 Volt Motor for Filterqueen   $245.00
240 Volt Power Nozzle Motor Cog Shaft 75th Anniversary or 360 Models   $165.00
240 Volt Power Nozzle Motor Smooth Shaft 70th Anniversary and Triple Crown Models   $165.00
Power Nozzle 360   $395.00
Power Nozzle 70th Anniversary    $305.00
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